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Comparison Friday #48 – Oh the misery of six teeth

by on August 1, 2008

As promised, a standing Comparison Friday.  Yes, yes, it all looks like fun and games, but we had a couple days this week that were filled with inexplicable and inconsolable crying.  Constipation, teething, lack of mommy, all of the above.  Maybe he just wants to go back to Disneyland.  Six days ’til eleven months!

  1. ron permalink

    Ah, the memories…mom and I did it three times! Had a great time with you guys and despite the Emmettt antics, he was so much fun to be with!

  2. But at least we are out of control cute!

  3. Auntie Scarey permalink

    he’s soooo cute! I think he needs to come to NoCal to watch the giants and to be spoiled in AC. Anyways, is he getting separation anxiety now? hmmmm missing Mommy? hmmm sounds like he’s right on schedule….crying through the entire worship service on Sunday?

  4. Giff permalink

    Huh… these things come with schedules?

  5. Hannah permalink

    haha.. he’s so cute!

    next time you should prop up the pillow so that it looks like a crown around his head..

  6. Uncle Jeremy rules permalink

    emmett is officially nate’s mini-me.

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