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And for my next trick…

by on July 9, 2008

So, we went down to Cerritos and we bought a new car.  It’s completely green, it emits no CO2, and it’s a perfect commuter.  Some glamour shots of our new chariot:

Emmett taking it for a test drive:

And Emmett’s latest development, what we like to call the “slow fall”:


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  1. mrschoy permalink

    Little poochee goo is walking now!!! Congrats baby!! Auntie is soooo proud of you. Who needs a stickin’ car? He can walk without one already! How’s Dr. Mommy doing? Any turkeys at the hospital? It’s over 100 here in San Jose! ps got baby boy a New York shirt!

  2. Nice wheels kid! Great job walking.. I’m really impressed!

  3. Uncle Jeremy rules permalink

    bak foo is beaming with pride!!! go chubster!!! mega genius baby!!!

  4. Mrs. Odom permalink

    Yeah, but how many mpg’s? 🙂

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