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Emmett was so tired…

by on June 26, 2008

(You say: HOW TIRED WAS HE?!?!?)


From → Emmett

  1. That’s the way I feel at work sometimes… but never when I’m eating!!!

  2. Esther permalink

    Mm ho hac chun Emmett la. Keu seung fun gao! Bei keu fun gao la! (Transliterated by gifford)

  3. Uncle Jeremy rules permalink

    takes after grandpa

    …did you make him run a marathon or something?

  4. mrschoy permalink

    instead of pounding on the high chair and hac say keu, and conditioning him to be startled whenever he eats, you should talk to him, because I’ve noticed he engages immediately when you talk to him and he wants to respond verbally, and probably socially. good training and better “conditioning”, i.e. socialization versus than being scared to death. Gifford, please translate for me because Esther would agree.

  5. mrschoy permalink

    and…poor thing, Auntie loves baby. AS

  6. yee pau permalink

    Poor baby! Hurry up! Let him go to sleep. I can’t stand it anymore.
    He is really smart. He can do two things at the same time. Don’t scare him any more. okay?

  7. Giff permalink

    >Mm ho hac chun Emmett la. Keu seung fun gao!
    >Bei keu fun gao la! (Transliterated by
    > gifford)

    “Don’t scare Emmett. He wants to sleep! Let him!”

  8. Uncle Joon permalink

    Ahh yes…a full belly. Nuthin beats that…well maybe a quick nap. Good Job, Emmett. Mommy: keep using the giant spoons. Yep..he IS related to me. Love You Guys!!!

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