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Settling in…

by on June 17, 2008

So, we’re finally settling in (kind of) to our new home in Whittier.  Most of the boxes have been unpacked and most everything is in the shelf that it’s supposed to be.

Turns out that uptown Whittier is kind of a neat little place, with lots of neat little restaurants and a weekly Family Fair during the summer (pony rides, booths that sell neat things, farmer’s market) and another farmer’s market on friday mornings.  (

This past Sunday, we went to Evergreen Baptist San Gabriel Valley ( with Mom and Dad Wong.  We ran into, of all people, Derek and Lauren Miyahara.  We also met Pastor Cory and a few other people that I don’t really remember.  We’ll be going back there, it seems like it’s a good place for us to be for now.

The Cheungs (with Justin) were here with us until Friday.  Justin had to get up to the Bay Area to play SF Alliance in Basketball because they lost the championship to them last year.  They left early Friday morning, and the Cupertino Wongs showed up on Friday night and stayed until yesterday evening.

For now, it’s just the three of us until Yee Yee (Hannah) comes to hang out with us for a few weeks.

We’ll be headed up to the Bay Area from Thursday – Sunday, and Christina begins work on Monday.

“Hey Doc, are we gonna have enough road?”

“Roads?  Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”


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  1. Nice digs! Thanks for showing us around. 🙂

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