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Transition 2008

by on June 5, 2008

It seems we do one of these every year.

2006 – We got married and moved to Maine.

2007 – We moved back to California, Emmett was born.

2008 – On the road again!

Slowly but surely packing up all of our earthly belongings and getting ready to begin the next chapter.

(that’s not us, by the way.)

Emmett is helping to pack:

but sometimes, he’s not so helpful:


From → Emmett, Whittier

  1. good job, emmett!

  2. ron permalink

    a bit risque’ don’t you think?

  3. Mrs. Odom permalink

    OMG! How did you find that picture of Aaron and I gardening???

  4. Katie permalink

    even fatty is in the picture where emmett is helping you pack. i dont like that the name emmett is underlined for spell check. annoying. emmett should be a adjective in the dictionary. a word meaning unbearably cute.

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