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So close, and yet so far.

by on May 26, 2008

So, we dropped the Wong parents off at Logan Airport and headed down to the Cape to spend the night at casa de Youd, only to find out that the neighbors, who had the key to let us in, had left for the evening. We had no idea when they were going to get back, so we decided to drive around (I had been driving since noon, and it was now 6 pm) to look at the Cape. We went down to Hyannis to see what all the fuss was about, then decided to go back to Buzzard’s Bay to see if we could get into the house yet. No such luck. We managed to hang out in the little patio area and tap into the Youd’s wireless, but that’s about it.

At this point, we’re all hungry, so Emmett gets his dinner while I went around town looking for some sustenance. I found a pizza place called “Nick’s Pizza”, and ordered a pie. It wasn’t bad. We decided that due to the presence of an opinionated, yet very well behaved infant, we should probably check into a hotel. So, we went up to Plymouth and checked into the Hampton Inn.

How did Emmett entertain himself during all of this you ask?

One more night in a hotel, none the worse for wear.


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  1. Uncle Jeremy rules permalink

    awesome drum solo!

  2. Janelle permalink

    Hey guys –

    My plan is to be in Boston tomorrow, are you still around?


  3. So much talent!

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