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In an effort to keep her husband awake on the road…

by on May 22, 2008

Christina asked me this question:

“If you were a truck driver, what would you want to haul around?”

I had to think about it for a bit, but I said,

“I want to drive around a mobile weapons platform.  I could launch missiles from anywhere, and people would never know where I was, because I’d always be moving.”

Her response:

“Oh… I was going to say ‘marshmallows.'”

Needless to say, laughing about that kept me up for a few more minutes.


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  1. hannah permalink

    HAHAHAHA.. why marshmellows?

    and nate you are SUCH a boy.

  2. Wow, men & women think differently!

  3. auntie scarey permalink

    what? where’s the obligatory Emmett picture for comparison Friday? Auntie Scarey sans lobster, popovers, whatev

  4. Giff permalink


  5. Bean permalink

    hahaha. i love it. although, i’d expect christina to say something healthier (although just as yummy)

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