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Denver can (almost) eat our dust

by on May 16, 2008

*ring* *ring*

“Nathan, I can’t reach the phone”

*stumble stumble*

“It’s a great day at the Fairfield Inn at DIA. This is your 4:15 wake up call”


By 5 am, we were down in the lobby scrambling for coffee, bagels and yogurt while Emmett was dutifully asleep in his stroller. A scant 10 minutes later, we were in the terminal, once again standing by. The nice lady at the counter said: “Oh, there should be no problem getting on this flight.” We waited for about 20 minutes, then we heard the magical words: “Party of 2, Wong, please see me at the podium.” YES! We’re ON! She hands me two boarding passes to Chicago (the flight was stopping in Chicago and going to Boston after that). Just to check, i asked, “These will get us through to Boston, yes?”

“Um… wait, let me check.”

It turns out that the Chicago-Boston leg was already overbooked, so there was a good chance we would have found ourselves stranded in Chicago. Now, all the Wongs present HATE the Chicago Airport, so we opted for the other option: The 825 direct flight to Boston. WE GOT BOARDING PASSES! WE’RE BOOKED! WE’RE GETTING OUT OF THIS PLACE!

Emmett says, “dah-du-dah-dah-dah” (while making Piggy face)


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One Comment
  1. Auntie Scarey permalink

    I sure hope you make it in time to walk across the stage — if they go alpha order and if you’re opting for the “Wong” option, you may get there in time…you should thank God for a compliant child in Emmett– he could’ve been crying, fussing, spitting up, screaming at the top of his lungs for the WHOOOLE time (like his father use to do) AE

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