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Travel is never easy…

by on May 15, 2008

… at least not for the Wongs.

After our misadventures coming back to California, you’d think that our travel woes would be over. Not so much.

We left our house at 4:30 and got to Poppyside at about 5:00. We got to SJC at about 5:20 for a 6:20 flight. This, apparently, was not enough time for us to check in the luggage and go through security. So, trying to make lemonade with this tremendous lemon, we put ourselves on standby for the next available flight (10:30ish) to Denver, with another standby connection to Boston. When we got to security, we were notified that all three of us had been flagged for security check. GRRREAT. They funneled us through a special plexiglass tunnel and I went with one guy, and Em and Christina went with a woman. The TSA guy explained to me that because we were a last minute re-book, we were automatically flagged for additional security check. No worries. We get to the terminal and settle down, and I hear over the PA: “If you aren’t on the standby list for the 7:00 to Denver, please see me at the counter now.” I ran over there with my ticket and asked if there were two spots. YAY! We booked ourselves on the 7:00 to Denver, where we would try to hop the next flight to Boston.

Emmett slept through about half of the two hour flight from SJC to Denver, and we arrived here and looked for our next available flight out. It turns out that they couldn’t book us on any other flight than the one that we were already standing by for because our luggage was on that flight. So, here we sit in the Denver Airport Terminal, waiting for our flight to Boston.

Moral of the story: arrive two hours early.

We’ll update you when we get to Boston.


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One Comment
  1. yeeyee permalink

    little one looks petty happy to be hanging around with all the traveling he’s been doing..

    don’t worry. we’ll all see each other soon! wheeeee

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