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Training for Vacation

by on May 13, 2008

In an effort to introduce Emmett to the concept of vacation, we scheduled a couple of activities into his day. (read: it’s not time to run around packing everything in sight, so we took the liberty of taking a walk to the park and setting up his tub outside as a makeshift pool.)

Emmett’s always up for an adventure, and his dad is always up for recording it. So…here’s Em-Cam Live!

So he really enjoys the swing, the feeling of the breeze blowing through his hair, the heady rush of plunging forward, BUT this was all trumped by sweet 7 minute walk to the park which put him to sleep. After all, the road was being re-done, and what child can resist the pleasant rumble of his (or her) stroller going over fine gravel. Not to mention the perfect temperature of 70-something degree weather. But Mr. Nathan was SURE that Emmett wouldn’t forgive us if we went all the way to the park and didn’t get on any swings…so into the swing he went. And surely, he is enjoying every blessed minute of it.

clearly the water was spectacular fun. He’s ready for the pool! (he tried to crawl out of the tub)


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  1. Watching him swing sure is relaxing… zzzz….

  2. He’s sleep-swinging!!!

  3. Giff permalink


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