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by on May 3, 2008

as in a home. as in we have one!

After a 24 hour whirlwind roadtrip, we have secured housing in Whittier. Mission accomplished. In addition, we have made it back to the Bay (home sweet home) and are in four weary pieces.

The blow-by-blow:

11:30 pm, 5/1/08 – After watching Stardust while Emmett was asleep, we load up and depart at midnight and head down to Poppyside to pick up Emmett’s Mah-Mah.

~2:00 am, 5/2/08 – Pee-Pee break and driver change in Coalinga.

~5:00 am, 5/2/08 – Pee-Pee break and driver change in Grapevine.

7:00 am, 5/2/08 – We arrive in Whittier and get a table and wait at Mimi’s Cafe for Hannah to arrive:

After a nice filling breakfast, we set out to look at a few places, some of which were a little ghetto (a bunch of car carcasses in the neighboring yard and a pet hospital across the street), some were nice, but the neighborhood was a little questionable (right next to a Toyota dealership, right off of the main boulevard in town), and some that were just too far away from work (in the warehouse district in the neighboring town of Norwalk). We finally found a place that was in uptown Whittier, in the historical district that seemed to be just perfect. It’s basically an in-law house in the back of the property, and we have our own entrance from the alleyway in the back. After the requisite credit checks and applications, we’re well on our way to being residents of this neat little house in uptown Whittier.


Outside of the house. Note the basement for storage underneath.

The kitchen area. We’ll have to get a stove and refrigerator, but that’s a minor detail.

The living room. It’s pretty big!

Bedroom #1:

The bathroom. This is where the pee-pee will happen.

The other side of the kitchen. Note the little bar on the wall. According to the landlord (who’s shoulder is in the frame), it’s an old bench from a local mexican restaurant that shut down. Very cool. We’ll need some barstools.

After seeing this place, we toured a couple more places, but it was already about 4:00 and we were getting pretty tired. We decided to call it a day and hit the road back for Nor-cal. We dropped Auntie Hannah off at her car and hit the road.

~4:30 pm – hit the road and ran into traffic in Los Angeles. Thank God for carpool.

~6:00 pm – stopped in Santa Clarita (Mom was looking in the GPS for a city that starts with the letter “C”. That city: Santa Clarita.) for a quick In-N-Out dinner and then to hit the grapevine.

~7:30 pm – Emmett is crying bloody murder in the back of the van, Nate is trying to sleep, Christina is trying to drive. Mah-Mah is trying to entertain a perishing and increasingly inconsolable 7 3/4 month old infant. We decide to pull off on Taft Rd. Where’s Taft? Who knows. All I know is that they’re building a racetrack there, and it’s opening in fall 2008. Nate takes over driving, despite the lack of sleep. Christina takes over entertaining, and all is functional for the time being.

~ 9:30 pm – Nate is hanging on to the last vestiges of consciousness, so he pulls off I-5 and Christina takes over. She drives ALL the way back to Cupertino (and then to SSF) and Nate crashes hard (snoring) in the backseat.

11:24 pm – Christina pulls into the driveway of Poppyside, and says “Bye, Mom”. Nathan and Emmett give a farewell snore.

12:00 am, 5/3/08 – We walk in the door of our home in South City. We were gone for precisely 24 hours. Unbelievable. We don’t even try these adventures without a small child.

And now, a picture of Emmett licking a window:

We’ll do a Comparison Saturday when Mr. Wong (the younger) is ready for the camera.


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  1. Hannah permalink

    good good.. glad you all made it back safely in one piece!!
    funtimes 😀

    and what window is emmett licking?!! hhahaha.. he’s so silly

  2. It was fun!

  3. Auntie Scarey permalink

    you guys are craaaazy! Glad everyone made it back in one piece. What street are you on in Whittier? AE

  4. Auntie Scarey permalink

    no refrigerator, no stove, “minor” details? I guess it’s missionary outback training time – are all the floors slanted or did Mah Mah take these pictures? Ned Flanders home after Homer rebuilt it? AE

  5. Congrats on finding a home! We’ve been praying for you! =D We’ll miss you…

  6. 24 hours!! you guys are crazy! but thank God for such a nice place! I am going to visit you guys this summer.

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