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Comparison Friday #34 – Luuurv handles (more to lurrrv)

by on April 25, 2008

For those of you that can’t see, his shirt says, “I’d rather be naked.” We’d accomodate, but I think it’s in violation of the terms of use or something. Note the nice fold over the waistband of his pants/shorts.

  1. Hannah permalink

    ahhh hands up!! no need to balance on the boppy!!!!

  2. ron permalink

    Looking forward to the day when Emmett will be boppy-less!

  3. Aunt Lee permalink

    Haven’t checked in for a while…yep…he’s still absolutely adorable! Best lookin’ baby in all of California!

  4. Auntie Scarey permalink

    The one thing I noticed last Saturday is that he is soooo all hands, mouth and chubby cute-ness! What a great picture and he’s right on target developmentally! Auntie S

  5. Bean permalink

    yay, the naked onesie! haha un bebe sin pantalones… ok, not really… but you get the point. can’t wait til you guys are in so cal ! (although i know y’all are sad to migrate south… i promise, we’re not that bad).

  6. Mrs. Odom permalink

    I love that delicious belly!!

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