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Comparison Friday #33 – Senior Discount at Ross

by on April 18, 2008

Thanks to his Pau Pau, Emmett has procured a bunch of new outfits from Ross at 10% off (Senior discounts on Tuesday!)

We’ll be rolling out the new outfits over the coming weeks.

Happy Friday, everyone.

  1. Uncle Jeremy rules permalink

    ha, he looks like he’s about to bounce off the boppy and fly out the window any second. go go go little guy!

  2. yay! fashion show fridays! Nice outfit. Interesting smile… looks like he’s trying to figure out his new tooth!

  3. Giff permalink

    He has a new tooth???

  4. Giff permalink

    Did he have an old one?

  5. auntie scarey permalink

    would like to see the plaided shorts outfit included in the fashion show, please! No FOB combination of plaids and stripes, ok? AE

  6. cindy Lowe permalink

    he’s one happy kid! 🙂

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