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Comparison Friday #32 – Road Warrior

by on April 11, 2008

Fresh off of his three day wild and crazy LA road trip with his equally wild and (especially) crazy parents, Emmett is happy to greet his CF audience, sporting his new froggy pajamas courtesy of the Tams.

Head: larger
Hair: longer
Belly: growing
Boppy: almost completely obscured

**Update!  Bonus Coverage! (or lack thereof)**

  1. Grandma is all for larger, longer, & growing! Yay! Boppy just has to hang in there!

    Happy belated 7 months OLD Emmett! With all the traveling, we forgot to celebrate. 🙂

  2. Hannah permalink

    SO HAPPY!!! so cuteeeeeeeee.

  3. ron permalink

    Cool pj’s on an equally cool Emmett!

  4. mrschoy permalink

    so when did you go to LA? the plaided shorts would come in handy there – cute froggy pjs — need to put those away in the 80 degrees Springs in SoCal

  5. ~Orlena permalink

    Cool, we thought it’d be at least a few more months before he fit it! Aw, you guys are great! And I think Emmett knew he was missing out on that yummy ice cream cookie!

  6. Hey thanks for commenting at the DTR Xanga. I left you a question back on that blog …

    Oh and cute kid!

  7. Good job on the extra coverage, Emmett!

  8. Mrs. Odom permalink

    I must shout it from the top of someplace very high – “I LOVE THE NAKED PHOTO!!!” Now, I will tell you from first hand experience – it is double the fun when they can run around naked. Oh, naked babies = good times!

  9. Lisette permalink

    Oh toothless wonder!
    Happy 7th to you!
    lots of hugs and kisses too!

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