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… or are you just happy to see me?

by on April 4, 2008

Man Steals Guitar by Placing it in Pants

LEWISTON, Maine – Police are searching for a man accused of shoving an electric guitar in his pants and walking out of a store in Lewiston, Maine.Police say the theft occurred last week and they’re looking for three men. One of the men shoved a Fender Stratocaster in his pants and pulled a sweatshirt over the top. The other two acted as lookouts.

All three can be seen on footage from video surveillance.

Strangely enough, the music shop has seen the method before. A man did the same thing in 2006 but was caught as he tried to walk out.

Okay. So, let’s do a little role-playing. You’re a shoplifter, and you decide that today you’re going to steal a guitar. Are your pants the best place to place the merchandise to make your slick getaway?

Let’s do a little size comparison:

(approximate scale)

My question is this… WHERE DO YOU PUT IT? and… WHY DIDN’T THEY SEE HIM?

**EDIT: Christina has clarified things for me.  CLEARLY, you would put it so that the neck of the guitar is in your pant leg, and the body of the guitar is on your butt/back.  Illustration below:

Okay, so the physics of it work out okay.  The guy would end up walking REALLY strangely, though.  But still.  How did he manage to get out of the store unnoticed?  Only in Maine.


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  1. alinna permalink

    the sheriff came to do a school safety spiel at school last fall and showed us a video of how many guns a shooter can hide in his clothes. i was amazed. between hand guns and a straight up shot gun and something that could be an uzi? the kid could hide up to 12-15 guns in his clothes without too much bulkiness. so a guitar ain’t no thang, my friend.

  2. mrschoy permalink

    you all have too much time on your hands…want to correct some papers or clean my house?

  3. hahahaha…classic nathan wong post. love the illustration!

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