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Comparison Friday #30 – The Big Three-Oh

by on March 28, 2008

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we all walked around with our name emblazoned across our chest?

last week:

up next: 

  1. ~Orlena permalink

    I certainly know MY name would be a lot easier if it was emblazoned across my shirts! Especially for them Starbucks baristas! Ha ha! Happy Emmett-ing! Cute cute cute!

  2. mrschoy permalink

    be ready to unclog the toilet with yam eating Emmett — it’s a for sure poop maker! I like the arms, Em!

  3. Hannah permalink

    big boy!!!

  4. ron permalink

    Does Emmett have a discerning pallette yet?

    BIG BOY indeed!

  5. Those rubberband wrists are coming along nicely!

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