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And the winner is…

by on March 18, 2008

Whittier, CA.  Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital.  June 24, 2008 – June 23, 2011.  Just when you thought you had everything worked out in your head, God throws you a changeup.


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  1. Ron permalink

    There are road trips in our future!…..and
    Disneyland for Emmett!

  2. Orlena permalink

    I was just thinking about you all and how I haven’t had you over for dinner and now this? THIS?! You were barely here. And now you’ll be leaving? =(

  3. Katie permalink

    Whittier is soon to be the the new proud owner of the world’s cutest baby. Also making Whittier the luckiest town on earth.

    dont worry nate and christina i’ll miss you guys just as much =]

  4. mrschoy permalink

    it’s soooooo sad and unfair! Just leave Em behind and no one will get hurt. AE

  5. wwwaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  6. Bean permalink

    !!! you’re coming down to my ‘hood~! and i’ll be back by early july to welcome you with food… 4th of july bbq? i know norcal will be sad for the loss, but im happy to have foodie buddies in socal – and… can we please go to an angels-sox game… and sit in the sox section?

  7. Mrs. Odom permalink

    You must need to be from Cali to understand the ramifications of this match. Is Whittier a dark, scary place?

  8. auntie scarey permalink

    yes Whittier is dark and scary, Mrs. Odom because we’re not there with Emmett – wahhhh Auntie E – anyway, us No Cal people know that so cal should be a separate state altogether with their Shannon Doherty 90210 attitudes and Britney Spears lifestyle hahahaha

  9. Mrs. Odom permalink

    Oh no, now it’s all becoming clear. Away from family and close to hollywood-esque debauchery!

  10. christabel permalink

    i’ll be in san diego/la jolla from may 5 – june 27 for my clinical internship. i can drive up and help you guys move in!

    will we get dinner cooked/bought by someone else though? 😉

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