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Comparison Friday #27 – SoCal Edition

by on March 7, 2008

Auntay asked if CF was going to be from “the happiest place on earth.” If that place is the Hampton Inn in Inglewood, then, yes. Seeing as how we have no digital card reader, the pictures from Photo Booth will have to do. Emmett got his own double bed last night, and slept with few complications last night. Latest development: He has taken to waking up to pee. That is, he wakes up, we take him to pee, and he goes back to sleep.

More pictures to come.

  1. too bad you have to get up to pee him but at least he goes back to sleep right away!

  2. Hannah permalink

    i have a digital card reader!!!

    AND i can get the picture with emmett at the happiest place on earth.. there just might be no parentals.. and i doubt that will be acceptable.. unless of course you stay outside the gates of the happiest place on earth and i leave emmett in his stroller and simply snap a pic with him in it.. we’re safe!!!!

    come on! good idea or what?! 😉

  3. ron permalink

    Go Hannah! I totally agree….can’t deny Emmett this opportunity….not on his 6 month birthday!

  4. I vote for happiest place on earth!! it’s up to the so-cal auntie!!!

  5. At last, baby in so-cal picture! yay! where are the mouse ears? Happy Six Months Emmett!

  6. Auntie Scarey permalink

    I want him in the tea cups at Disneyland or driving in autopia or standing next to the small world kids! Auntie E

  7. Hi…um, does SoCal affect Emmett’s hair or is that my imagination?

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