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Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…

by on March 5, 2008

Well, not really.  Our bags aren’t packed, and we’re NOT ready to go.

Emmett is going on a plane!  The Wongs will be in LA starting tomorrow, and coming home on Sunday!  Comparison Friday will be done from a hotel room near LAX.

For the past couple days, Christina has been studying this:

It’s basically where they test to make sure that you can handle yourself during an exam.  As such, I’ve been playing the part of “the patient”.  I’ve been a 57 year old male that complains of dizziness, a 28 year old woman with gonorrhea, a 76 year old woman with Alzheimer’s, a mother of an 18 month old with a rash and a fever, and a man with ED. (Goooooo Cialis!)

I’ve learned that CXR = chest x-ray, and that CBC is “complete blood count”.  I can fake my way through a neuro exam now, too.

Wish us luck! (on the flight, as well as the test)


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  1. Does this mean you need to pack the boppy pillow?

  2. Hannah permalink

    wheeeeeeeeeeeeee time to visit me!!!!

  3. Giff permalink

    Goood luckkkkkkk
    swing by up north on the return flight why doncha

  4. christabel permalink

    love it. you should talk to ted about pretending to be a patient. he’s had his fair share of acting as well.

    good luck, christina!

  5. Aunt Lee permalink

    Oh boy! Good luck, have fun and yea for Emmett’s first airplane ride!

    You mean you haven’t gotten to be a pregnant woman with some suspicious “leaking” during her ninth month??

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