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Comparison Friday #26

by on February 29, 2008

Because of last week’s photoshoot debacle, we were running severely low on batteries for the camera.  Therefore, we only had one shot’s worth of battery left.  So, I gave Emmett a big “SMILE!” and CLICK!  Magic.

Developments: Emmett can now do the barrel roll.  Front to back, back to front, we can do it all!  Crawling, here we come!

  1. Hannah permalink

    GOOOOOOOD picture 😀

    can’t wait to see you all next week!!!!!

  2. I see the smiley E is back! You must admit, last week’s pictures were hilarious!

    I Emmett!! Barrel roll to Grandma!


  3. ron permalink

    Great shot! We’ll clear some more room at home on the floor

  4. auntie scarey permalink

    Hey baby! Sooo cute – a new outfit please for the pictures, ok? xxoo as

  5. Mrs. Odom permalink

    VERY cute! Look at all that hair! What are you feeding this kid?? 🙂

  6. Bean permalink

    I like the second pose – E’s got some swagger there 🙂

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