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Comparison Friday #25

by on February 22, 2008

Today was kind of a difficult photoshoot. Emmett wasn’t smiling for anyone. Therefore, this was the best shot we could get. Here are some of the “alternates”:

And the sign i knew that our photoshoot was over:

Happy Friday everyone.

  1. Hannah permalink

    CUTE outfit
    it makes him look like a YOUNG obi wan

    may the force be with you!

  2. Pretty cool shots… Time for another nap already? All those hand motions wore him out!

  3. ron permalink

    would like to know what the end of the “story” is. He is very animated in his storytelling!

  4. Auntie Scarey permalink

    very cute in brown too! xxoo AS

  5. Aunt Lee permalink

    I swear I’d NEVER get anything done with that little munchkin around. He is ADORABLE! Hey! Any teeth trying to make an appearance yet?
    I’d like to make a request. Nathan, could you tell us more about your ministry? I’m very interested.

  6. Auntie Scarey permalink

    please remember to try to have brand new outfits every Friday – no repeat beep beep sweaters, which by the way, looks too tight for our baby…but does emphasize the rubber band wrists and round tummy

  7. He’s getting so big! How are you guys doing?

    Any chance I could get that wonton soup recipe we made? Pretty please? 🙂

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