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It’s now 6:45 AM Pacific Time

by on January 30, 2008

and Nate and Christina have SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! HUZZAH!

Desperately needing to get a full night’s sleep, Emmett’s weary parents decided to go the “cold turkey” route.

We read in that cold turkey is the most heart wrenching, but almost 100% effective. Being the nerds that we are, we couldn’t pass up the 100% effectiveness, so we decided to give it a go. Christina didn’t have to work this week, so we had little to lose.

Sunday night: Emmett wakes up at 4:00 and cried on and off for about 45 minutes. By 5 am… silence. Could this actually work?

Monday night: Emmett wakes up at 1:00ish and cries for 20 minutes or so. Repeat performance at 4ish. Nathan and Christina tentatively put the turkey in the freezer.

Tuesday night: Emmett goes to sleep at 8:45, wakes up for an 11:30 feeding, goes to bed at midnight. Nathan and Christina hear nothing, not even a mouse, until 6:45 am. (Christina checked on him at 4:30 out of habit. As they say, you can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl.

Today, we leave you with a two-fer.


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  1. Ron permalink

    Now you know what it was like for me and mom!

    He’s a drummer in the making!

    Pleasant dreams! 🙂

  2. Ahhh!!! The full night sleep. Nothing like it! There is also nothing like when they do sleep a full stretch, without a peep. You wake up, heart in your throat, panic stricken. You realize he has probably slept through the night but the fear has you! You creep into the room, hoping not to wake them, but fearing the worst. You crawl over to the crib, do the hand tests, (you know the ones… hand on chest to see if it is rising and falling. When you aren’t satisified with that test, you do the one where you put your hand under their nose to feel the breathing), then slowly stand up and start to back quietly out of the room. AND THEN… the eyes pop open and GOOD MORNING!!! You silently think of the slumber you would still be getting had you not gone into the room and begin your day.

  3. Hannah permalink

    i’m totally sleeping over the next time i come up muahahahaha

  4. What a smart boy you are Emmett! But… your parents finally figured out your plan… I guess you have just have to sleep at night instead.

  5. Nate – found your blog through Facebook. Fun! The first night we had more than 5 hours of sleep with Colin, we felt like we were on vacation. Cold turkey worked for us – after 6 long months! Congratulations! You’ll get your lives back in no time. 🙂

  6. Uncle Nutjob permalink

    aww, how cute. he’s teething!

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