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Never a dull moment…

by on January 18, 2008

So, we’re going to our regular friday dinner at Pau Pau’s house, but we were driving different cars.  C was driving Yee Yee’s car from Millbrae and E and I were coming from SSF.  I show up to Pau Pau’s house and Mommy is already there, and she has parked the van across the street.  When C arrives, the following scene ensues:



C:”I think I heard the engine running!”

N:”Mommy, where are your keys?”

M:”In my pocket! (Checks pocket)  Um…”

At this point, I rush downstairs to check the van.  Lo and behold, the engine is running, and all the doors are locked.  Daddy has the spare key on his person, but he’s in the transbay tube on BART.  So Mommy goes to the BART station to pick up Daddy and the spare key while Garrett and I wait on the street next to the van, so as to protect it from any suspicious looking passers by.

There will always be a story to tell.


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