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The Countdown Begins…

by on January 14, 2008

and report in 30 days!

It’s about freaking time.  Some inspirational pictures:

Let the ridiculous predictions for the 2008 season begin.


From → baseball

  1. Shoeless Jeremy Wong permalink

    prediction 1: Giants over Yankees in 4 games.

    prediction 2: Giants postseason hopes completely dashed after allstar break and 4-77 record, team ERA 9.2, 5 of 8 position players on DL, and 2 of 5 starters and closer sent down to AA ball.

  2. Don’t remind me. I’m still trying to get through Football season.

  3. Hannah permalink

    where are the gratuitous emmett pictures?!

  4. Cindy permalink

    Emmett is getting cuter everyday!

  5. Stephanie Youd permalink

    Where are the pictures of the Sox? Have you forgotten so quickly that they won the WS??? People show some respect!

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