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We are back…

by on July 8, 2006

the first round of pictures.

In other news, we have an apartment!

for the dime tour


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  1. Very nice digs!  Looks like you could use a table next to the dishwasher….butcher block!Are those lobsters for real?xx!!!! dad
    can hardly wait to see it! mom

  2. yayayay~! nice apartment ^_^

  3. hey the bed looks kinda small.  Would that fit both of you comfortably?  🙂  Daniel and I slept on a twin size mattress for a week before we got our bed.  The first night was ok, the second night, eh.  The third night, I voluntarily rolled off the bed. 🙂  hahahha
    We saw the pictures of the lobster and we said, that’s it! we are coming over.

  4. welcome bck!!

  5. well, that looks quaint :Dit looks like a nice area!

  6. dude i konked my face on my screen cause the lobster was so good looking, then i remembered that it was a picture.
    sounds like something i would do huh.
    happy living? see ya whenever you come back.

  7. how FUN!!!!those glasses of berries and cream look SOOOOOOOO GOODps i’m still eating wedding cake that i froze and brought down. the hazelnut is still my favorite.

  8. yeah buddy!!!! good times!so lets do a married couple get together mang- pat and I have been talking about a manly get together where i would volunteer my wife to cook, stef would make mojitos- if you bring a wife that does stuff then we’ll let you in the club too…the, “would this one night be fun enough for the trouble it would get us into” party

  9. Tell Christiner that I hope she’ll remember to use the Giada cookbook I gave her and the apron!  Wink wink!  =D

  10. well congadulations nate! well i guess thats it until camp c ya then

  11. Anonymous permalink

    what a FABULOUS food photo!

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