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Quite possibly the worst idea ever…

by on June 7, 2006

Isn’t this just the crap that’s left over on your plate after having eaten KFC?


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  1. I know. when I saw the commercial, i was like…now that’s a new idea…NOT!

  2. They should deep fry it after they put it all together.  Now THAT would be like all the left over crap from the greasy chicken left on your plate incorporated into the bowl.

  3. wait how about a fast food place that takes the same ingredients and just packages them differently.. oh wait… taco bell…

  4. it’s not even that good. i’ve tried it.
    whatever you do.. don’t try the version with rice.

  5. ooo i liked it actually…

  6. nothing different than say..subway or Papa Murphy salads…and don’t eat it. You’ll have a sodium attack. Luke couldn’t even eat half of it.

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