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CD’s A Go-Go

by on March 7, 2006

Everything must go!  All my CD’s are up for sale!

$5 each, as-is.

Email ( or IM me if you want any of them.


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  1. i’ll take the John Mayor Trio! save that for me!!!

  2. i want dave matthews. both please. thanks

  3. sorry.. these too, please :)tim hughes when silence falls lifehouse- no name faceanimaniacs- variety pack

  4. wow, what are u selling for? going to seminary or something?

  5. Charles Mingus – Mingus (X 5)Sarah Vaughn – the Definitve Sarah VaughnClifford Brown and Max Roach – Study in BrownThe Dave Brubeck Quartet – Buried Treasures: Recorded in Mexico CityNate, I don’t have your current email.

  6. Can I have Sonicflood-Sonicpraise?

  7. hey nate, this is nat…of course…the other design major from Davis…anyhoo, long time no see…but i hear things are goin’ great for you….ummm…i don’t have your e-mail addy but here is my order =) (best= means you pick the one you think i will like the most) U2 (best), Jackson5, United Live (best), Third Day (best) and Steven Curtis greatest hits. Thanks…and let me know how i can pay you. congrats again

  8. I can’t believe no one wants your Toad stuff.  Coil and Dulcinea are probably their best albums.

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