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by on February 23, 2006

In an effort to graduate, I need to raise some money.  Near as I can figure, I’m about 1200 short.  I have determined that the best way to make up the difference is to sell books.

So, if you have any books, CD’s, or anything else that you would like to donate to my cause, please let me know.

And pray, pray, pray.

My schedule for next quarter:
Define and Defend a Christian worldview
Preaching 2
Mentored Field Ministry
Growing Disciples Intentionally
Godly Leadership for the 21st Century
Growing Strong Families
Hebrew Exegesis of Ruth

And for the summer:
Pastoral Care for Women
Shepherding a Small Church


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  1. i have all these books that i keep telling myself “i’m just gonna them one day” i dunno how much they’re worth… but i can donate those??/

  2. Do i smell a benefit concert?

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