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by on January 21, 2006
Giants FanFest!

Lou Seal says, “it was faaaantastic.”

Pitching Coach Dave Righetti

Backup Shortstop Jose Vizcaino

Felipe Alou

John Miller

4th Outfielder Steve Finley

Dave Fleming

1st Baseman Mark Sweeney

KNBR Broadcaster Rick Barry

Todd Linden

Starting Pitcher Matt Morris

Jeremy Accardo

Noah Lowry

Matt Morris (again)

Brad Hennessey

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  2. YOU TOOK A PICTURE OF LOU SEAL!One of my actual life goals (no lies) is to take a picture with Lou SealOn a side note, um, how bitter are you that they freaking got rid of JT Snow. I know I am, and let’s be real, Lance Niekro is not that great of a newbie and he for sure is no “I always catch the ball because I’m really that good” JT Snow.

  3. Excited for this year.

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