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Target Adventures

by on December 16, 2005

So, Mom, Dad and I are shopping at Target last night, and i hear over the PA:

“Will the owner of a gray Subaru, license number 5HNU…

CRAP.  That’s my license.  I run to the front of the store,
and even before I get to the customer service counter, I can see my car
in the parking lot.  There were two security guards standing
around my car, and I run outside and ask what happened.  This is
what I saw:

It turns out that I had not engaged my e-brake, and my car had drifted
out into the parking lot.  Amazingly, it didn’t hit anything.

the Lord.  And a special thanks to the security force at the
Cupertino Target.  I used to make fun of you for hitting on all
the female employees instead of stopping people from stealing CD’s, but
I have a new found place in my heart for you.  Rock on, fake

“excuse me, can I see your receipt?”


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  1. I can only imagine how akward your Google image search for “fake cop” was.

  2. praise God indeed. I love your diagram btw.


  4. lol. good lord..

  5. how does a parked car drift?…  i don’t think you were on a hill…   mmm… 

  6. haha i’ll make fun of them for you..

  7. oh. my. gosh. wow. im so glad nothing happened to your car. haha by the way, thanks for the advice. my roommate and i have had an ongoing joke since our first year saying that we need bright orange rape whistles. haha still have yet to get those…

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