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by on November 30, 2005

Some validation every once in a while never hurt no one.

From my friendster:

I’m one of Christina’s friends from Philadelphia.
This is the first picture of you that I’ve seen of you.
You’re very attractive, I feel much better about her
marrying you!

Christina’s other Black friend,



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  1. Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah

  2. Hahaha, if she’s this enamored with you after seeing a pic, I wonder what her reaction will be at the wedding. “If anyone here knows of any reason why these two should not be married?” Oh boy…

  3. Wait till she stumbles onto my friendster. And feels much better about me being christina’s brother in law

  4. haha. i love it. =)

  5. HAHAHA … I wish I could give more eProps

  6. Anonymous permalink

    You guys haven’t met all of the Philly crew yet, just wait till we decend upon the wedding!  MUUUAAAHHHAAAHHHAAAHHHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hahahahaha now she sees it… bout time!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    i love that you posted this!!! Go Black friends in Philly

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Oh the wedding is going to be crazy!… in a fun way of course 🙂

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