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by on October 27, 2005

I’ve been tagged.

  1. I have read Ephesians in Greek, and Jonah in Hebrew.  And I understood it.
  2. I could spell and read “hippopotamus” in kindergarten. 
    Apparently, I could spell “predestination” as well.  However, I
    was knocked out of the school wide spelling bee by the word “cupboard.”
  3. I’ve been drinking coffee since sophomore year of high
    school.  I used to take it with cream and sugar, but I started
    running late to school, so I started taking it black.
  4. I was a ring bearer at four weddings.  I was fairly
    reluctant at the first one because I thought I would have to wear a
    bear costume and jump through rings.
  5. I can play: piano, guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, trombone, tuba,
    baritone horn, saxophone, clarinet, flute, ukelele, mandolin, drums,
    and tambourine.
  6. I have been to Disneyland more times than I can remember.  My favorite ride is still Star Tours.
  7. I have been to South Africa.
  8. I did not own a video game console until I was in college.
  9. I could operate a spreadsheet program at the age of three.  It was called “Visicalc.”
  10. I was part of the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) in 3rd
    grade.  We were the youngest grade to do ACOT at the time
    (1986).  We were each given a computer at school (An Apple IIe)
    and one to take home (Apple IIc).  I could type 60 wpm in the 3rd
    grade.  I also made it on TV (granted it was KTEH, but hey…)
  11. I was in the first manifestation of the phenomenon of 177.
  12. I went to Compass when it was still called CEF.
  13. I almost went to Taiwan on missions, but we called it off because of SARS.
  14. I do NOT have a myspace.  And I’m completely okay with that.
  15. There was no broadband internet at UCD when i started.  We
    used to have to dial into the campus computers.  In spring quarter
    of freshman year, they told us to move our furniture away from the
    walls so that the IT people could install the network cabling. 
  16. With the exception of one year, I have been in school for the past 22 years.
  17. I have over 30 stuffed monkeys.
  18. I am engaged to a wonderful woman.  (The only reason this comes so far down on the list is because she’d probably be embarrassed.)
  19. I work for a jewelry manfacturer, a sanitary district, and the creator of the universe.
  20. I will be living in vermont next year.

And with that, I tag JoGo, Scotty, and Cuz.


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  1. I love how wonderwoman made it UNDER the stuffed monkeys. HAHAHA

  2. dang it I’ve been tagged.  I’ll steal some of your ideas hahahaha! and stop showing off how smart of a kid you were!!

  3. Do you have those quotes from the “beyond the gates” sermon? If you do can you email them to me? Thanks~

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