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by on October 11, 2005

From Robert C. Anderson’s The Effective Pastor:

“The pastor must by all means establish and preserve his reputation as
being a ‘one woman kind of man.’  He does that by exerting great
effort to become and remain extremely close to his wife.  He
enhances his good reputation by mentioning often in public how attached
he is to his wife, how dependent he is on her, and what a marvelous
wife she is.  If she lacks any ‘marvelous’ characteristics,
perhaps he can dwell on the few she does have.  If we look hard
enough we are bound to find something for which we can praise a person.”

whew.  I’m glad that, in my case, there’s plenty of marvelous things to speak of. (and I don’t mean the renal cyst.)


Later on, same book:
“I have seen people exhibit imprudence even by playing Scrabble with a
killer instinct.  God does not need such dreadfully insecure
people in His pastoral service.”


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