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by on October 10, 2005

Question: What should the church do (if anything) on Halloween?  I like carving pumpkins…

I did a search:

How Evangelical Christians observe Halloween:

In advance of Halloween for 1999, Focus on the Family, a
Fundamentalist Christian agency conducted a poll of their web site visitors
concerning their plans to observe Halloween. 16 Results were:

bullet 30% Avoid it because it is evil
bullet 29% Enjoy costumes and candy
bullet 29% Turn it into a fall festival
bullet 9% Ignore it for lack of interest
bullet 4% Observe it as Reformation Day — a recognition of the founding of

In 2001, Christianity Today, an Evangelical Christian magazine,
conducted a pre-Halloween poll from among visitors to their web site. The
topic was their own church’s response to Halloween. Results were:

bullet 56% My church offers alternatives for the children
bullet 34% My church ignores it. Members do what they want.
bullet 4% My church opposes it.
bullet 4% Other responses.
bullet 0% My church observes it — scary costumes, et al.

In 2003-OCT, Christianity Today asked the question: “Are your
kids participating in Halloween this year?
” Results were:

bullet 28%: No.
bullet 26%: They are doing a Halloween alternative instead.
bullet 23%: Yes.
bullet 13%: I don’t have kids:
bullet 10%: They’re doing Halloween and an alternative.

The total number participating in the poll was 1,340. This would make the
margin of error less than 3%. However, the individuals who contributed to
the poll are self-selected and probably do not represent a typical
cross-section of Evangelical Christians.

What do you think?


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  1. NATE!!! HELLLLLLLO!!! haha tha’t s a creepy photo, btw. I’m not gonna lie… i feel sorry for the kid whose parents dont let them in on Halloween festivities…. :/

  2. I personally would let my kids participate in Halloween.  It’s fun and it’s a tradition.  Besides, parents have the responsibility to teach kids to discern and think for themselves, but not sheltering them from everything that might possible stumble them.  I think it’s silly to avoid Halloween because it’s ‘evil’. 

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