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by on September 22, 2005

So, I’m giving a sermon at church on sunday.  For my
illustrations, I was doing some google image searches for a picture of
a fire.  I came up with some pretty good pictures of forest fires,
but what I really wanted was a house that was on fire.  So, I
start looking for related terms to “fire”.  One of my many
searches was “firemen“.  Man, was I disappointed.  Let’s just say it’s not the kind of fire that I was looking for.


Joe danger gOmEz: ok
Joe danger gOmEz: its time for me too find pics of firemen
Joe danger gOmEz: i meant…
Joe danger gOmEz: get…
Joe danger gOmEz: food
gnoWetaN: riiiight


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  1. hmmm those pics look like the ones on Clee’s walls at home.I hear u got a crazy worship leader this week., hahahhaaok ok humility.

  2. i hate you. hahaha. You’re luckily padawans can’t kill their master jedis….but you’re pushin me into an anakin case….don’t do it man. Hehehehe

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