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by on August 19, 2005

So, a few questions came to mind while walking around:

If the fire station catches on fire, who do they call?
What happens when there’s a fire in the burn ward?
Who gets called when the police station is held up?
What happens when the tow truck breaks down?
Who builds the construction company offices?
Who do the doctors call when they get sick?
Who do the postal workers call when their mail is lost?
What happens when the power goes out at the power company?
When an insurance agent gets in a car accident, when exchanging insurance information, does he just say, “me.”?
Are telemarketers polite when they are called by telemarketers?
Do janitors get upset when their house isn’t clean?

I could go on, but i won’t.


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  1. were you actually just walking when you thought this up 😛

  2. Well, probably the first four. The rest just kind of flowed from that.

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