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by on August 19, 2005

Strange news of the day.

Dashing young priests turn heads at Youth Day

COLOGNE, Germany (Reuters) – Young priests in sharp suits and
sunglasses are turning heads and winning hearts at the Catholic World
Youth Day festival in Cologne.

They are the type of men Pope
Benedict hopes will secure the future of the Church and inspire
youngsters to choose a religious life, which may be why he has insisted
on addressing seminarians personally during his four-day visit to

Father Jonathan Meyer, wearing sunglasses and a sleek black cassock
and clutching a crucifix, replicates Keanu Reeves’ pose in the film
“The Matrix” for a recruitment poster.

“It has been a complete
success…It is a striking image which meets young people were they are
at,” said 28-year-old Meyer, who manages youth work in the diocese of

“I know I am hanging in a few girls’ bedrooms too, but that’s fine — we need their prayers for more priests,” he said.

story here

This is ridiculous.  The Catholic Church is using SEX to sell itself.  Hmmmm.


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  1. uhh..john mayer (meyer..haha) is a preist?

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